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Configuring a Cisco 2509-RJ Terminal Router
This TechTip describes the configuration steps to allow for reverse telnet into a set of routers and switches. Connected Devices do not need to be preconfigured at all. The idea is to have all lab equipment installed in a rack and connect to their console ports via a Cisco AS2509

How validate proper SPAN configuration
I’ve used it as a cheat sheet in many proof-of-concept scenarios with PacketShaper, NetQoS SuperAgent & Network Instruments GigaStor.

How to recover a Cisco Phone CP 7961
7961 Factory Reset stuck in Upgrading, or seeing Auth fail when trying to register with CUCM. The purpose of this document is to provide a set of instructions on how to recover a Cisco phone and load SCCP. You do not need to have a Cisco Call Manager to run the recovery process. This also will help to get a working firmware into the phone. This phone were old enough that the factory reset actually sets it to a version incompatible with the most recent updates.   

Setup Cisco Call Manager on VMware
The purpose of this document is to provide the necessary steps to setup a Cisco Call Manager to run on VMware. I’ve been researching for a while to get Call Manager installed, but there had been too many confusing articles in the forums, and not everybody could retrieve support information from Cisco itself. As an employee of a Technology Development Partner of Cisco, I was entitled to order CUCM Partner Bundle Offering (UC8.0.2-K9-PBO) and received a bunch of DVDs to install. The DVD could install on an HP DL 360, which I don’t have. Any other hardware I had available did not meet the “installer” requirement and therefore I’ve chosen to install CUCM on VMware.

Configure CUCM 8 to be used with NetQoS UC Monitor
NetQoS Unified Communication Monitor is a network-based voice and video monitoring product that tracks the quality of end user experience, provides alerts on performance problems, and isolates performance issues to speed troubleshooting and MTTR. In order to use NetQoS UC Monitor with Cisco Call Manager you have to configure some parameters.

How to setup static IP Address on Cisco Phone
The purpose of this document is provide you a simple cheat sheet to setup static IP Addressing on a Cisco Phone. Based on my drawing, I want to add a new Cisco Phone with the IP for being connected to my Call Manager on

How to enable internal calls with CUCM 8.x
The purpose of this document is to follow through a few steps to get some Cisco IP Phones and IP Communicator to dial each other. This has been kept as simple as possible, because I just needed a few active conversations in my lab to be able to monitor end user quality experience with NetQoS Unified Communication Monitor.

Jitter in the Path (IP SLA)
One of my clients asked me on how go get insights for Jitter on the path. Troubleshooting, Monitoring, Service Assurance or any other reporting functionality requires data collection. On one hand, monitoring active traffic will provide observations during the interval and report on experience. The “line” quality on the other hand is often measured by synthetic transactions, which can be done with several vendors’ hardware.

Router and Switch Commands
I've started a collection of Cisco IOS commands as a reference

How to enable SSH on Cisco Router
There are a lot of network administrator using telnet to remotely manage devices .I like the way to access those devices in an encrypted mode. Using SSH is secure and transferred data, even when sniffed, those are not in clear text

Retrieve Router Configuration through Netcordia’s NetMRI
The purpose of this document is to outline the steps to retrieve a Cisco Router Configuration and track changes by integrated Change Management solution

Backup and Restoring Cisco Configuration
This document describes the basic steps to back up and restore Cisco Configurations.

Configuration of PPP (Cisco connects to Xylan and vice versa)
This document describes different PPP configuration steps to connect a Cisco 2610 to Xylan OmnSwitch

Configuration of Cisco 761 (ISDN) to connect to T-Online (German only)
This document describes the steps to configure a Cisco 761 Router to be connected to T-Online (German version only)