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Disable Shutdown Event Tracker
Ever get tired of the alert asking about why you want to reboot the Server? This document describes the steps to disable Shutdown Event Tracker

Enable ICMP Reply on Windows Vista / Windows 7
As long as you are in the same subnet, Ping and resulting ICMP Reply will work´(most of time). However, if you work with multiple subnets, or simply want to be able to ping from a remote site, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are more restrictive when Windows Firewall with Advanced Security settings is enabled. This document describes the necessary steps to enable ICMP Reply on Windows Vista / Windows 7

Enable Autologon to Windows NT
This document describes how to enable auto-logon. This will introduce a security risk and should not be a standard procedure. I've used this feature in my lab, and only written this document, as I may repeat this steps from time to time.