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How validate proper SPAN configuration
I’ve used it as a cheat sheet in many proof-of-concept scenarios with PacketShaper, NetQoS SuperAgent & Network Instruments GigaStor.

NetVoyant - UDP Echo with IP SLA Wizard
The purpose of this document is to provide you with the necessary steps to use NetVoyant's IP SLA Wizard to configure IP SLA for UDP Echo test. Graphic examples are included as usual.

NetVoyant - How to add new Device Models and Device Classes
The purpose of this document is to provide you the necessary steps to add new device models and classes to NetVoyant. My new device models for this document were all models of the PacketShapers

NetVoyant  - Add BlueCoat ProxySG CPU Utilization
This document describes the necessary steps to have NetVoyant polling a BlueCoat ProxySG, collecting data and provide reporting. The Goal is to get CPU into NetQoS NetVoyant. Not every and all possible SNMP scenarios can be found in every SNMP Tool, available in the market. Therefore, some of the tools do provide flexible integrations.

Reporter Analyzer - How to clone Flow Packets
The purpose of this document is to provide you with a few steps to clone Flow Packets and have them sent to another NetFlow Collector.

Reporter Analyzer - How to configure Application Mapping
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to differentiate between regular HTTP Traffic and HTTP Traffic going to a specific website, such as SAP Portal or an intranet server? Reporter Analyzer does have a feature, called Application Mapping to configure exactly that purpose.

Reporter Analyzer - How to add a PacketShaper to NetQoS Reporter Analyzer
This document outlines the steps necessary to have a PacketShaper sending Netflow-5 Data into Reporter Analyzer from NetQoS.

UC Monitor - Configure CUCM 8 to be used with NetQoS UC Monitor
NetQoS Unified Communication Monitor is a network-based voice and video monitoring product that tracks the quality of end user experience, provides alerts on performance problems, and isolates performance issues to speed troubleshooting and MTTR. In order to use NetQoS UC Monitor with Cisco Call Manager you have to configure some parameters.