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Configure Simple SNMP on a Linux Station

This document describes some basic changes to make SNMP Agent on a Linux Station active. Don't expect a complete set of optional settings. This is related to Read-Only Community, but could be used as a start for a more complex "snmpd.conf"

30 Minutes RedHat Basic Installation

The purpose of this document is to describe each steps for setting up a Red Hat Linux 9.0 installation appropriate for a relatively quick and easy additional installations. It's like a core system for anything, you want to try with. I've used this core system for further installation of a Flow Detail Records Collector of Packeteer.

User Authentication with OpenLdap on Red Hat Linux and Xylan Switch
This document describes the steps to compile OpenLdap to be used with RedHat Linux 7.0, extend their schema files with the proper object class and attributes. Finalizing the configuration on a Xylan switch and having user authentication ready to go.

I've written this document for a very large packet carrier as part of "proof-of-concept".

Installing OpenSSH on Red Hat Linux
The purpose of this document is to provide you with instructions on "How to enable SSH Server on a Linux based Security Appliance". This document will also help you to add SSH on any other Linux systems as well.

Installing NESSUS on Red Hat Linux 8

The purpose of this document is to decribe the necessary steps in order to install Nessus on Red Hat Linux. The Nessus Security Scanner is a security auditing tool made up of two parts: a server, and a client. The server, nessusd is in charge of the attacks, while the client Nessus interfaces with the user.

Installing UVScan on Linux

The purpose of this document is to provide you with some easy steps to install McAfee Virus Scan Command Line Scanner 4.32 onto Red Hat Linux 8.0. It's not my intension to replace any official documentation or release notes.

RedHat and direct Console Connection

This document describes some basic steps to use Linux Box to connect with devices via terminal and serial connection. My goal was to use RedHat Linux to connect to my PacketShaper via console cable. There are several tools, which can be used. One built-in with Red Hat is MINICOM. This is similar to Windows Hyperterminal, but all are command line oriented.