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How to perform Quick Configuration on a Snap Server

This document describes the basic steps to perform the initial setup of a Snap Server 4100. This is based on Snap Server's Quick Configuration Wizard.

How to configure Email Notification on a Snap Server

This documents describes the necessary steps to setup Email Notification on the Snap Server. You could configure the Snap Server to automatically notify you by e-mail if it detects a critical error. For example, if a disk fails on your Snap Server, the server will send you an e-mail message.

How to reset Snap Server Settings

1. Turn the Snap Server off and wait for all of the lights to turn off.

2. Press and hold down the Reset button. While you are still pressing Reset, turn the Snap Server back on; wait until both the System and Disk lights start flashing in sync. (To press the Reset button, push a pencil point or similar object into the reset button.)

3. Release the Reset button. To select the settings you want to clear and reset, briefly press the Reset button:

5. Watch the Disk light and verify that the number of times it flashes corresponds to the number of times you pressed the Reset button. For example, if you pressed Reset three times to clear the network settings, the Disk light should flash three times repeatedly to confirm the reset. If the number of flashes exceeds the number you intended, repeat steps 4 and 5 of this procedure.

6. When the light confirms the level of reset you intended, press and hold down the Reset button until both the System and Disk lights turn off, and then release the Reset button. The server then restarts, and resets the settings you cleared to the factory defaults.