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This was actually my first technology certification I've done. Funny to mention, that I did Novell certification, when working with Microsoft.

There were 7 Assessment Tests to be passed. This was done by DRAKE Training & Technologies at those days, which late became Sylvan Prometric and now called Thomson Prometric.

Topics which had been covered, when I did CNE Certification. First I did CNA, than CNE. Later I had to run some other trainings and assessments, to be validated as Authorized CNE.

MICRO/DOS CNE Test # 50-12
TCP/IP  CNE Test # 50-86
Netware Administration CNE Test # 50-130
Netware Advanced Administration CNE Test # 50-131
Networking Technologies CNE Test # 50-80
Service & Support CNE Test # 50-46
Update 3.11 to 4.x CNE Test # 50-124