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NetQoS used to resell Network Instruments Expert Probes and GigaStor Packet Capture Appliances.

(NetQoS has been acquired by CA in November 2009)


    Day 1

        Plan and deploy Observer console and probes
        Set up and configure Observer Suite
        Develop logical troubleshooting workflow
        Top Talkers and Protocols
        Network Trending
        Circular Buffers
        Understanding network conditions
        Monitor and understand network performance

    Day 2

        Capture network traffic
        Understand and configure active and post filters
        Set up Triggers and Alarms
        Manage performance with Application Transaction Analysis
        Problem solve with Expert Analysis
        Rebuild data streams

    Day 3

        Understand and analyze VoIP
        Network Trending reports and views
        SNMP configuration
        Troubleshoot with GigaStor interface
        CNIE Certification Exam