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Xylan Corporation had a certification program as well, and again, I challenged myself to get certified in the same manner as with UB Networks. (Being the first XCSE in Germany). This were a bit more difficult, as the practical assessment had to be done in USA. Although, I did the first training in the US, it was not always that easy to travel to the US, just for doing trainings. Some of the trainings were done with Xylan in the Netherlands. Below I have listed the topics, which had been covered to get certified.

The practical test were a bit difficult, as I had to wait for another business travel to US headquarter. A couple months later, when being in Calabasas, California I worked out to get an appointment to perform the practical test. A 6 hours practice to implement an enterprise network with different topologies and protocols. The second part of this practice test, was the fact, that I had to perform troubleshooting and find 4 network failures and resolution, which had been added by the Instructor.